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Ageless Bicyclists welcomes you to volunteer for future cycling activities and events!

From the Founder

“There are very few opportunities for different abilities kids to learn cycling in Singapore & in the ASEAN.

Physical activity program produce benefit that includes motor skills, skill-related fitness, social and community skills and muscular strength and endurance.

Therefore there is a need to provide more opportunities in experiential inclusive cycling.”

Ageless Bicyclists

Creates a holistic and inclusive program in unlocking the potential of people with different abilities moving on to the mainstream and community integration; to lead independent and fulfilling lives, realizing their dreams and ambitions through inclusive transformative bicycling and experiencing the joys of riding a bicycle through their adult life.

Aims to recruit volunteers to operate these various programmes and other upcoming exciting programmes, and also the opportunity to be trained as a bicyclist coach to teach others. A robust training programme will be conducted by the founder and team of the organization


Encourage and inspire an active healthy lifestyle through sports (inclusive cycling) and arts especially for different abilities and families.


To rally a healthy community, spirit of goodness by fostering sports and arts total wellbeing & quality lifestyle.


We are committed to the values of integrity, respect, and accountability.

We value lifestyle and health for cycling is a sport for life; it contributes to physical and mental well-being, and provides lifelong opportunities for fitness, recreation, and simple participation.

We value care, excellence, innovation, creativity, leadership, and health outcomes.

We value Volunteerism – amongst the ongoing success of Ageless Bicyclists are valued volunteers who give freely of their time, experience, and expertise.


Provide opportunities to meet people & forge friendships.

Organize rides/events for a wide variety of participants with no age bias and abilities.

Enhance bonding within families and communities locally and overseas.

Promote & facilitate volunteerism and community services.

Foster a true spirit of inclusive cycling to further its interests.

Provide education on cycling, safety, equipment & etiquette.

Provide education and training in arts.

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