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Causes Week 2017: Grandpa on a roll to help kids with special needs

Mr Malcolm Chen is 72 but continues to work towards his dream of creating a more inclusive society through the power of the bicycle.

The avid cyclist, who cycles in places such as Sarawak and Fiji, created non-profit organisation Ageless Bicyclists in 2015 to teach children with disabilities to cycle and do simple bicycle repairs.

Since last year, he has been conducting lessons at Grace Orchard School, which caters to students with mild intellectual disability or mild autism spectrum disorders.

My Connection SG

72-year-old Malcolm Chen was instantly moved by the warmth of the local natives and their acceptance of everyone, since he first went to Sarawak 14 years ago. This later inspired him to set up a social entrepreneurship, “Ageless Bicyclists” to teach people of different ages and abilities about cycling.

Pedaling Into Retirement As A Certified Cycling Instructor

While many seniors dive into their retirement plans and enjoy what the new pace of life brings, there was no slowing down for 73 year old Malcolm Chen, who is a grandfather and an avid cyclist who has cycled in countries such as Fiji and Sarawak. He peddled into retirement and became a certified cycling instructor with the purpose of teaching children with disabilities and to better understand how to interact and engage with them.

Growing up, Malcolm had a dream of creating a more inclusive society through the power of the bicycle and when his mother, who was an educator, passed on in 2014, he took a leap of faith and founded Ageless Bicyclists, in memory of her, to carry on the legacy and values she had lived out.


75-year-old Chen Taichuan Malcolm hopes to devote himself to public welfare, but he runs into trouble because of his lack of experience. How can he realize his ideal of giving back to society?

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